The Celeste Pole Marquee

The Marquee that will be on everyone’s wish list

As the counties leading Marquee Contractor, T&M always like to keep on-top of the latest trends. We have been providing a range of marquees for a long time but felt that the changing wedding scene meant that a new vintage style of marquee was required. We are therefore very proud to introduce our latest addition – the Celeste Pole Marquee. Beautifully designed to provide a panoramic view, the Celeste has got it all when it comes to both luxury and elegance.

Based upon the Tradition Pole and Sperry Marquee, the Celeste is engineered and styled to a superior standard. It offers an attractive reinforced roof – that does not require additional linings – with a simple eave lined detail. The roof swoops between king poles and is topped by flag poles which means that this style of marquee is perfect for either a traditional wedding, a corporate or special event.

Bevelled wooden poles are crafted into octagonal shapes and positioned wide apart, maximising space and ensuring that the view is in no way compromised. All ropes are made in a natural hemp look while the straps are hemp colour all adding to the look. Hook up walls are offered with or without clearview windows the marquee can either be circular or sections added to the middle to create length.

Manufactured in the UK, the design and fabric of the Celeste is suitable for European climates and standards. Unlike sailcloth, the new PVC textured fabric is waterproof, fire-resistant and wind-proof. Standing at a height of 23ft the Celeste Marquee is not only light and airy inside, but absolutely stunning from the outside.

• Beautifully crafted and elegant
• Waterproof, fire-resistant and wind-proof
• Offering a panoramic view
• Manufactured in the UK