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Market Stalls

The newest addition to our stock are our bespoke Market Stalls.

Our bespoke market stalls are proving extremely popular. Constructed from components of our clean, white PVC clearspan marquees, their dimensions are approximately 3m wide x 2m deep with a 1m overhang for the public. They come in sets of 4 making the total structure size 12m wide x 3m deep. There are options to have the white PVC sides and backs enclosed around three walls of the stalls or left open if the weather allows. The stalls can be fixed to the ground or can rest on a hard surface.

Charles Home, Tents & Marquees� Managing Director says; �As a hirer, I need to feel confident that my team of people can arrive on site, construct, and then leave, knowing that adverse weather conditions will not affect my structures. I looked at conventional market stalls and felt that we would not be able to leave a large number of them unattended. So using marquee components we have designed our own market stalls. We have been very pleased with the response from the hirers, the stall holders, and the public.�

We have worked with local authorities and large event organisers to ensure the smooth set-up and running of their markets, from small scale stall events to the supply of multiple units for large outdoor markets.

Trestle tables and chairs can also be provided.

We have dedicated staff who are responsible for Health and Safety and who are trained in First Aid. We are used to working to strict deadlines without compromising on our extremely high standards.

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